Local/Regional Distributors

Local and Regional Partners are Invaluable
to the ChemSource Network So we pick up the majority of the costs:

Introducing the ChemSource Cloud

ChemSource Cloud is our hosted platform that contains all of the same great features as our self-hosted version, but Cloud offers regional distributors the opportunity to inexpensively setup a world class digital infrastructure in typically under 90 days, at a fraction of the cost to build otherwise.

Why ChemSource Cloud Makes Sense

We understood how difficult it would be for a regional distributor to invest $30k+ in their website, as well as $200k+ in their entire digital marketing infrastructure and then wait 12-24 months to see a return on their investment. The proposition would be too risky. So we created the ChemSource Cloud, a solution that will onboard regional distributors to our platform and show an ROI in a shorter amount of time... with a less than $5,000 out of pocket investment required by each regional distributor. An industry specialized website and world class digital infrastructure for less than the cost of a boiler plate WordPress website!  Sign Up For A Demo »

Our Network Alliance

Our network aligns several local markets with a national infrastructure and bridges the alliance with technology. We are building the most comprehensive digital network in North America. Several vertical markets, complete portfolios of products, organized by region. A network that works in unison to generate inquiries specifically for the products your company is interested in. No partner in the network will give more opportunities than they receive. With digital, it's easy to regulate this. A true Win/Win for all partners.

A ChemSource Cloud Website Alone Costs 80-85% Less Than Building An Equivalent Infrastructure

  Custom Infrastructure vs. ChemSource Cloud
Website Build:      
Planning & Prototype $3,500. - $4,000.   turnkey in
less than 90 days
Design / Mobile Design $11,000. - $12,000.  
Frontend Coding $6,000. - $7,000.  
Database Migration $4,000. - $5,000.  
Dynamic Content Setup $2,500. - $3,500.  
Product Catalog Setup
and Optimization (SEO)
$5,000. - $6,000.  
Timeframe to launch 5-7 months +  
Cost to Build Your Website: $32,000. - 37,500   $6,499.
$4,999. until 12/31/17
sales and marketing for specialty chemicals and ingredients

ChemSource Is Aligned With Several Proven Partners

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