Super-Regional Distrubutors

Self-Hosted, Turnkey, Digital Infrastructure for Chemical Distributors

Sales-Ready Website

Website + Content Management System featuring a user-friendly, comprehensive, search optimized product catalog manager.

B2B Lead Generation

We have generated over 100,000 inquiries for specialty chemical distributors, in a variety of specialty markets.

Powerful Search Engine

Our database contains over 1 million products, organized by CAS#, Formula, Market, Class, Application and more. When we build your custom catalog, you gain all of our search engine optimization insights, powered by our database.

A True Digital Partner

When you choose ChemSource as your digital platform you get much more than a website and application... you get a world class team and all our resources to help you create a digital strategy.

Opportunity Marketplace

The ChemSource Marketplace is a real-time portal where all partners can view our sales-qualified Bulk/LTL leads. ChemSource qualifies all inquiries before the opportunity is made available to the marketplace. ChemSource users have a real-time feed to the marketplace at all times. Basic distribution partners must access the marketplace directly from the ChemSource website (registration is required).

Tell us what you need! Within the marketplace all partners can specify exactly what types of opportunities they are interested in and the team at ChemSource will get to work generating the inquiries.

Digital-Enabled, Integrated, Sales and Marketing.

For over 10 years the team at ChemSource has been building digital marketing infrastructures for chemical companies. We have generated over 100,000 b2b inquiries and continue to generate inquiries daily. Whether we setup an infrastructure for your company, or if you just use us for our leads, we have a solution that will help you generate new customers. Get in touch with us and let's discuss.

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